School Closings

Any change in schedule -
You should be receiving a phone call from "School Reach".
                                                                                                                            If you are not, contact the school.

School closings will be announced on the following television and radio stations.

WSLS - TV 10 - Roanoke

WDBJ - TV 07 - Roanoke

WXII - TV 12 - Winston Salem

WFMY - TV02 - Greensboro

WGHP TV-08 - High Point

WXLV/ WUPN TV-45 - Winston Salem

WHHV - Hillsville

WWWJ - Galax

WBRF - Galax

WPSK - Pulaski

WSLQ - Roanoke

WWZE- Hillsville

K92 - Roanoke

WSYD - Mt. Airy

WPAQ - Mt. Airy

WTQR - Winston Salem

WVTF - Public Radio

WSLC - Roanoke

VIBE 100 - Roanoke

The ideas and opinions expressed on these stations are not necessarily those of Carroll County Public Schools.

You may call the school system's Snow Phone number 728-4151, this will be a recorded message.