Belief Statement

The mission of Fancy Gap Elementary School is to establish for all students a strong foundation, which will provide for life long learning.

For all STUDENTS, we will hold high expectations with the belief that all students can learn. We will provide a safe and pleasant environment that is conducive to learning. We will also promote self-esteem and self-confidence by recognizing achievement and adjusting to meet students' needs. We will provide challenging learning experiences and opportunities, which will enable students to achieve their potential and experience success.

For our FACULTY and STAFF, we will provide a pleasant environment that encourages creativity and supports cooperation. We will promote and model life long learning by participating in professional development opportunities. We value and will encourage our staff's professional judgement through individual and cooperative decision making at the building level.

For our PARENTS, we will conscientiously and responsibly educate their children. We will maintain a welcoming climate in which parents feel a sense of parental involvement. We will maintain open communication with parents in an effort to provide information concerning students achievements and performance.

For our COMMUNITY, we will demonstrate responsible management of the resources entrusted to Fancy Gap Elementary School. Community pride will be maintained by encouraging interaction with community members. We will maintain a clean attractive school and grounds that are available as a community meeting place.

We believe our students, staff, parents, and community members are all-important stakeholders in the educational process. By working together we can improve student's performance and maintain a quality school.